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We are a consultancy service specializing in capacity building and development, projects implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Our national and international experts are available around the clock to help individuals and institutions to reach their goals by providing strategic planning, research design, market survey, data mining, data analysis, executive coaching and corporate training.

Life coaching

In 10 - 12 sessions and with 5 simple steps we coach you to reach your goals; life, career, or corporate goals.

The sessions are face to face and/or online depending on your location.

The process will take you through your self limiting thoughts and challenges, to your opportunities, and end with agreed action plans to achieve your goals.

Market  research 

We conduct market research using surveys, interviews, focus groups, and customer observation.

We analyse the data and give you a fully evidenced study that will allow you to make informed decisions.

Marketing and branding

We provide all the essential services to build companies from the ground up or to rebrand an existing companies.

Our services include building websites, graphic design, logo design and brand identity, promotional materials and organising workshops and events.

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